Fairies, Tales, and a lot of Grimm

After reading the Dark Princess by Richard Kennedy, I cannot believe I had to grow up with, not even Grimm fairytales, but the Disney ones. This got me thinking. If you were a kid again, what would stories would you like to grow up with? This also brings up the fact of whether or not should we have stories growing up? Is it better to use our imaginations to create our own tales, rather than pass down old ones? While I cannot say for sure which one is better, I have a few all-time favorite stories (I also included movies.) from when I was young.

1. The Lorax by Dr. Suess

2. Rumplestiltskin collected by the Grimm Brothers

3. A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Shakespeare

4. Up

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I’ve realized writing a blog without an objective or goal in mind makes it very hard to find something to post about. I don’t really wish to post about my life. (I, personally, wouldn’t want to read about someone’s complaints and miseries. I mean, it’s life. What did you expect?) In addition, there aren’t many topics I could write and/or post about. (…unless you guys want to know about what I ate for dinner, but I highly doubt it) I don’t have much humor or wit to be able to pull off a nonsensical(?) blog. (Not very sure if nonsensical is a word…if it isn’t, someone should add it to the dictionary.)

Truthfully, this blog is a way for me to say I didn’t waste my summer vacation, lazing around. (Even though there’s only a week left of break, at least I didn’t waste my entire summer.)

Maybe writing a blog is a waste of time. Is it? IDK. The list of things I’ll never know just keeps on growing longer……..right below what I had for breakfast this morning.

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